Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Sonicfoam?

Sonicfoam is currently for sale here

THIS WEBSITE (UK ONLY) <- Click here

AMAZON UK <- Click here

AMAZON USA <- Click here

AMAZON CANADA<- Click here

The size I want to order is not available?

From time to time some of our sizes might be sold out, but rest assure we will have stock again :) Email us at support@sonicfoam.com and state the size you require, and we will personally email you once they are back in stock again. 

The size I bought does not fit, what do I do?

Sometimes getting the correct fit for your earphones or ear is trial and error. That's why we have a free replacement policy. Email us at support@sonicfoam.com  with your Amazon or Shopify order number, and we will assist you with a replacement set or refund. 

How do I find the right size to fit my headphones?

Check Step 1 on the "Find your Fit" page to get started.

How do I find the right fit for my ear?

View Step 2 on the "Find your Fit" page.

Will the tips fit my Charging Case?

Please note that Sonicfoam is not compatible with some charging cases. Please view our "Find your Fit" page and check the compatibility list for more information. 

How does the product code work when placing an order?

The SF is the model to fit on the earphone speaker, currently available in SF1, SF2 and SF3.

The Small, Medium and Large is the size to fit your Ear.

The letter at the end is the colour of the tip. (B = Black).

Example: SF2MB = (SF2 - Medium - Black).

Always double check before placing your order to ensure you are ordering the correct fit.

Please view our "Find your Fit" page to find out more.

How do I place the tips in my ear?

Step 1 - Fit the tip onto the ear bud speaker.

Step 2 - Roll the tip to flatten it.

Step 3 - Place in the ear and let it expand to the shape of the ear.

Step 4 - Turn the earphone into place to get the perfect seal.

The tips keep falling out of my ear?

Sonicfoam is made from memory foam and as they expand when inserted in the ear might push their way out of the ear canal. This means that the size (Small, Medium or Large) that you have ordered is too big for your ear canal, and you need a smaller size.

The tip comes off my earphone and gets stuck in my ear?

This means that the SF model is too big for the earphone speaker. Try a smaller SF size to ensure a more secure fit on the earphone.

How long will 1 pair last?

1 Pair Sonicfoam Memory Foam Tips should last about 4 weeks. 

(Memory foam is a degradable material and will thus need to be disposed of due to wear/tear and hygiene reasons)

How will I know when it's time to replace the tips?

- The foam has become compressed or flattened: Over time, foam tips may become compressed, making them less effective at providing a secure and comfortable fit.

- The foam has started to crack or tear: If you notice any cracks or tears in the foam, it's time to replace them.

- If using them for a long period of time, and they have become too dirty/unhygienic due to being exposed to sweat, dirt, dust, earwax etc. 

Replacing your memory foam earbud tips regularly can help ensure that you're getting the best sound quality and comfort from your earbuds. 
We recommend after about 4 weeks, but this can differ depending on how often you use them and how well you take care of them.
Thus, it is up to the individual user.

What is Sonicfoam Memory Foam tips made of?

Our tips are made from hypoallergenic polyurethane foam, and is completely safe. They are made from the exact same materials that are used for the hearing protection earplugs made by the brand 3M.

What will help to maintain the longevity and performance of the tips?

- When putting on or removing your earbuds, be gentle with the ear tips and avoid pulling or twisting them. This can damage/tear the foam and cause it to lose its shape over time.
- When rolling them before placing them in the ear. We recommend to just roll them delicately before placing them in the ear, as too much pressure and rolling will cause deterioration very quickly.
- After use, let the tips dry before storing them in an enclosed container.
- When not using your earbuds, store them in a clean, dry place. This will help prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the ear tips and keep them in good condition.
- Clean them gently with a damp or dry soft cloth if needed. Do not use any soap or chemicals. 
- Do not leave your tips exposed to sunlight or leave them in freezing conditions.
(Cold weather will cause the tips to get very hard and heat, sunlight will casue deterioration)
- Maintaining clean ear hygiene is an essential factor in prolonging the lifespan of the tips and preventing unpleasant odours/dirt due to ear wax and sweat build up.