Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Sonicfoam?

You can purchase Sonicfoam through the following channels:

  1. AMAZON UK <- Click here
  2. AMAZON USA <- Click here
  3. AMAZON CANADA <- Click here
  4. AMAZON AUSTRALIA <- Click here
  5. AMAZON ITALY <- Click here

The size I want to order is not available?

Occasionally, some sizes may be temporarily sold out. No worries! We’ll restock soon. Please email us at support@sonicfoam.com and specify the size you need. We’ll personally notify you once it’s back in stock.

The model/size I purchased does not fit?

Finding the perfect fit for your earphones can be trial and error. That’s why we have a refund policy in place. Here’s what to do:

  1. Email us at support@sonicfoam.com
  2. Include your Amazon order number.
  3. We’ll assist you with a refund.

How do I find the right model for my headphones?

Start by checking our "compatibility list" on our “Find your Fit” page. If your earphones are not listed, email us, and we will try and find you the perfect fit.

Will the tips be the same size as other brands?

It's important to note that different brands often have variations in sizing, and what may be considered a certain size in one brand could be different in another. Therefore Sonicfoam sizes may differ from other brands and stock standard tips. 

Will the tips fit my headphones charging case?

Please note that some Sonicfoam models may not be compatible with certain charging cases. Visit our “Find your Fit” page and review the compatibility list for more information. We have also launched a new model called the SF4. This model fits the same earphones as the SF2 but are smaller in size to fit better in the charging cases.

How do I place the tips in my ear?

Follow these steps:

  1. Roll the tip gently to compress the foam.
  2. Place it in your ear, allowing it to expand to the shape of your ear.
  3. Turn the earphone into place for the perfect seal.

The tips keep falling out of my ear. What should I do?

Sonicfoam is made from memory foam, which expands when inserted into the ear. Sometimes, this expansion can cause the tips to push their way out of the ear canal. If you’re experiencing this issue, it means that the size you ordered is too big for your ear canal. Consider trying a smaller size.

The tip comes off my earphone and gets stuck in my ear. What’s the solution?

If the inner core or the tip is too big for your earphone speaker, resulting a loose fit, it may come off and get stuck in your ear. To ensure a more secure fit, try a smaller SF model. Each SF model has a different inner core size to fit different earphone models.

How long will one pair last?

One pair of Sonicfoam Memory Foam Tips should last approximately four weeks. Keep in mind that memory foam is a degradable material, so it will need to be replaced due to wear, tear, and hygiene reasons.

How will I know when it’s time to replace the tips?

Pay attention to the following signs:

  1. Compressed or flattened foam: Over time, foam tips may lose their shape and effectiveness.
  2. Cracks or tears: If you notice any damage to the foam, it’s time for a replacement.
  3. Hygiene concerns: If the tips have become dirty or unhygienic due to exposure to sweat, dirt, dust, or earwax, consider replacing them.

Regularly replacing your memory foam earbud tips ensures optimal sound quality and comfort. While we recommend replacing them after about four weeks, individual usage and care may vary.

What are Sonicfoam Tips made of?

Our tips are made from hypo-allergenic polyurethane memory foam.

Why does the tips feel sticky/tacky?

The sticky coating on the tips is completely normal and safe. The coating on the tips is designed to create a smooth surface that provides better durability and comfort while allowing the foam to expand at a better rate to ensure a good seal in the ear. Rest assured that the stickiness will subside after the first few uses.

What will help maintain the longevity and performance of the tips?

To ensure your Sonicfoam Memory Foam Tips stay in top shape, follow these guidelines:

  1. Handle with care: When putting on or removing your earbuds, be gentle with the ear tips. Avoid pulling or twisting them, as this can damage or tear the foam, causing it to lose its shape over time.

  2. Roll delicately: Before placing the tips in your ear, roll them gently. Excessive pressure and rolling can lead to quick deterioration.

  3. Allow drying time: After use, let the tips dry thoroughly before storing them in an enclosed container. This prevents moisture buildup and maintains their quality.

  4. Proper storage: When not using your earbuds, store them in a clean, dry place. This prevents dirt and dust accumulation on the ear tips, keeping them in optimal condition.

  5. Gentle cleaning: If needed, clean the tips with a damp or dry soft cloth. Avoid using soap or chemicals, as they may harm the foam.

  6. Avoid extreme conditions:

    • Sunlight exposure: Do not leave your tips exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause deterioration.
    • Freezing conditions: Cold weather makes the tips hard, affecting their performance.
  7. Maintain ear hygiene: Regularly clean your ears to prevent unpleasant odors and dirt buildup due to earwax and sweat. Clean ears contribute to the longevity of the tips.

Remember, taking good care of your Sonicfoam tips ensures both comfort and excellent sound quality!